Introducing Enhancer Software Core V1.1

A-EON Technology Ltd has just released the new Core V1.1 edition of the Enhancer Software as a free-of-charge download. You may have read the news and be wondering what is contained in it. In this article we explore this new release and walk through the installation process.

Downloading the software

Enhancer Software Core is a free-of-charge commercial release and is exclusively available from the AmiSphere website. Where can you get it? Please point your browser to and you will be presented with the front page.

After many years most OS4 users now have an AmiSphere login account which makes accessing a range of download services much easier. Downloads from the AmiSphere website, Updater tool and AMIStore use one common username and password, the AmiSphere credentials.

If you haven’t yet registered, click the Register link to create your profile.

Equipped with your login details you can then proceed to download the software and explore many other AmiSphere services.

Navigate to the section of the website for the Enhancer Software Core and click the Register and download link. You will be prompted to enter your username and password.

Read through the text and click the Register button to add this software to your account permanently. An email will be sent to you to confirm the registration of this product on your account. You will be pleased to find it now will be enabled in Updater tool and also on AmiSphere website as a direct download.

Clicking the direct link takes you to the download area where the software can be directly downloaded. We have tried to keep this release lean in size at around 23MB.

Installing the software

Fire up your favourite decompression tool. Unarchiving the LHA file will reveal the main directory which will no doubt be familiar with users of other editions of the Enhancer Software:

Main Directory

Enhancer Software directory structure
The SDK files necessary for developing programs with the Enhancer Software

You will notice we had tried to keep the structure of the Enhancer Software in line with other editions for consistency.

In the main directory, click the Install_Enhancer_Software icon to start the installation process.

After clicking Proceed then the Read_Me_First window will pop up. Click the icon in your language and read through the documentation including the Installation Notes before continuing with the installation.

The End User Licence Agreement needs to be reviewed and if you agree to the terms/conditions then click the Agree button.

The Enhancer Software Installation offers to backup and store any older files from previous versions. For you peace of mind this is useful if you wish to revert to previous versions of components.

What colour is your preference? To keep all users happy we have provided a choice of installing icons with a blue or black colour theme. Both sets were kindly created by Mason for the Enhancer Software.

Black or blue ?

There are seven main sections for the installation. This is reduced from the full commercial versions of the Enhancer Software but sufficient to get the “core” files installed to your system.

You can deselect specific sections if you run the installation again and just skip to the section you need to reinstall.

Let’s start with the first section:

If you are wondering, the logfile datatype is used by Updater, Ringhio Notifications and a few other utilities to store logs about errors or events. It is great to organise list of information in a more readable format- ideal for skimming through logs to find a crucial event.

The main gadgets and classes are vital user interface components to running modern software created by A-EON and other Amiga developers. They are growing in scope as development progresses and offering users more advanced features inside applications.

AmiSphereServer and Updater tool are necessary to keep your system files up to date. Running them regulary can ensure that the frequent updates are downloaded from AmiSphere and installed easily and quickly to your system. Very useful – I am sure you would agree!

InfoWindow is an utility that displays information to users. It is based on the InfoWindow Class and is used in an increasing amount of applications. Take a look at the Read_Me_First window for a glimpse of it’s capabilities!

The latest open source Codesets library gets installed to ensure that older dusty versions are not lingering on system partitions.

If you are a developer looking to create a system Library or Device, this process has been made easier with LDCK. It is installed in the C drawer along with other commands which are used such as SystemReboot and RequestChooser.

Your AmiSphere account can be administered by using the AmiSphere Prefs tool including changing your password. Optional personal customisations can be made such as specifying an avatar. Yes, that is right, you can have that boing ball avatar you always wanted!

On successful installation a reboot is required to enable the system files to be loaded. This is automatically handled by the System Reboot utility. There is a count down so be quick and save those vital files before it reaches the time limit…

We will be exploring more of the Enhancer Software Core in coming months including how to build your first programs with it. Many of the developers will be featured in the blog articles and explaining how to get the most out of the classes if you are a developer.

I hope you enjoy both using and developing new software with the latest Enhancer Software Core.


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