Sadly 2020 has been a turbulent and challenging year for everyone around the globe. This of course has impacted on our lives personally and to a less important extent to the Amiga community and our hobbies.

Usually at this time of year I would be flying around the globe to attend various Amiga shows with Trevor. These events would be a great time to meet and catch up with users, developers and beta testers face to face.

Every developer and beta tester is different. Developer meetings in person can be a great for getting a genuine instinct on what they enjoy working on most. Happy devs are productive devs.

They also offer a general sounding board for floating ideas for new projects and new directions to take our development roadmap.

Lets hope that the social experience of Amiga meetings, shows and conferences can resume again safely next year.

There has been some recent discussion in the community about users having a “window” into the Amiga Developer team to catch glimpses of what we are working on. I would like to thank you for the feedback and welcome you to this blog which will hopefully draw a lot of the disparate news I publish into one place periodically. This blog will hopefully provide a flavour of the trial, tribulations and successes of developing software for our favourite computer platform.

You will hear more from me on a regular basis but it is planned for various developers in our team to feature with articles in their areas of expertise. I hope you will enjoy reading them and learning more depth about the software we produce.


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Hi Matthew. If I have understood all of this in the right way, you are one of the persons behind AmigaKit – one of Europe’s leading Amiga retailers. Also, and from what I understand, AmigaKit serves as a “conduit” for A-EON’s upcoming Amiga Tabor computer.

Personally, I am very excited about it. I haven’t seen a single Amiga running anything beyond AmigaOS 3.1.4, and I would love to “return” to the Amiga community, with a brand new PowerPC system. Unfortunately, though, there is almost no information to be found. The official page ( hasn’t been updated for half a year (!), and the manufacturer’s own homepage ( doesn’t even mention the existance of the computer.

The lack of information and recent updates is very, very frustrating. I’ve tried sending an e-mail to A-EON asking for more information about the Tabor, but to no avail at all. They simply haven’t responded. As excited I am about the opportunity to start developing in C for AmigaOS 4.1, and as exciting I am to explore the brand new APIs, I can’t help but feeling a tad bit angry about the way Amiga fans are treated.

Being an Amiga fan in 2020 shouldn’t be a burden, but a joy. Being an Amiga fan in 2020 should not be a matter about knowing the right people, and certainly not by trying to piece all of the puzzle together by yourself. Being an Amiga fan in 2020 should be an easily accessible effort.

Please, please make sure that your upcoming blog entries speak to the masses – not the classes. Hoping for some good news in the very near future!

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